Okay guys im not defending Sam Pepper or anything, but lets just quit it with hating on him at every chance we get. He’s done a lot of shit and i admit that i hate him but that doesn’t give me or anyone else the right to just ruin his life

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So people don’t think Jason should get the same treat as sam but they did the same thing?

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Colors palette by whatphotoshop

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this whole tweet.

not defending just saying!
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Anonymous -> The whole Sam pepper thing really isn't clear. On one hand nobody in either vid has come forth but that could mean anything. I feel like other youtubers are jumping to conclusions. Some by saying supporting him makes you a rapist, some are supporting Laci Green and we all know that's not good. There are really no clear facts


Yeah, that’s why I haven’t really talked much about it. It all seems very unclear.

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I disagree with Sam Pepper so fucking much, he is arrogant for thinking that what he did would be “okay.”

but no one deserves death threats or to log onto twitter and see “kys piece of trash” in their mentions.

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What are all your thoughts on the whole Sam Pepper thing?

I honestly don’t even know anymore… I’m trying to stay completely neutral but by people cyber bullying him is not helping the situation. He could have been made an apology video but, people give him death threats by the min.

He’s deleted his Facebook and IG. Once again, I don’t condone what he did at all just a thought.

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When you love someone, it’s worth fighting for no matter what the odds.

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I don’t understand why everyone wants to bash Jeca because they ship Bechloe. WHAT IS THE POINT?!

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I’d love for the original English dub voice actors to do the second movie. Seriously, Madison, Sakura and Kero’s voices were fine like there were. Although, Li’s voice wasn’t that bad because he also Izzy from Digimon. xD

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